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About Us

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Who We Are

Our vision is and will remain focused on community. From early childhood, the passion for construction started with Lincoln Logs on an old farmhouse floor. As a child I remember how our roof leaked every rain and over the course of several years my dad would buy a few bundles of leftover shingles at a time from jobsites around town. I was 12 years old when I nailed that first shingle on our home. Having multiple shingle colors, I was able to create a flowing pattern and completed the roof that is still visible from satellite to this day. That same detail and work ethic has grown into what we are today, Reliant Roofing.

How did we get our name? Over the years, the feedback from our customers on the professional quality and workmanship we pride ourselves in, we went from a reliant roofing company to the Reliant Roofing company. And for that, from our families to yours, we thank you.

– Josh Watt, Owner

What sets us apart?

Maintaining your investment is as important to us as it is to you. Whether putting on a new roof or repairing the old, we put effort and consideration into each project to minimize the hassles that can arise. Why roofing? With many years in experience, we have noticed one major absence in our industry… a roofing company that is designed specifically for you.

As we invest in our community, we clearly see a difference in how we assist every step of the way. Our competitive rates and incentives give you an opportunity to not only save money, but also transition into a new roof with ease. Being local and involved continues to make us a first choice when considering a contractor.